Yearbook Policies

The editors, staff members, and adviser reserve the right to select content and determine priorities in both photographs and written material. We never knowingly libel, invade the privacy of, deny the rights of, ridicule or mock any individual or group. Good taste, common sense, school and community standards, and ethics of responsible journalism are observed. No material that is libelous, irresponsible, and/or advocates illegal activity will be published. No material the editors or the adviser deem to be in poor taste will be printed. While every attempt will be made to produce a yearbook that has no errors, it is possible that misspellings or other mistakes may occur. Should this happen, we apologize.  When errors are found prior to publication, they will be corrected.

Group Photos

During the designated day for club and group pictures, should anyone be absent or not show up, they will be left out of the picture. The yearbook staff has the right to dismiss any student from a group shot for inappropriate dress or conduct during group photos. The staff also reserves the right to exclude the group/club photo from the book if one or more students do not adhere to instructions given at the time the picture was taken.

Underclassmen Portraits

All underclassmen must have their portraits made with the official school portrait photographer to be included in the current volume of the yearbook. Students will be allowed at least two opportunities to have their picture taken or retaken only if the need presents itself (needs include absences, sneezing, eyes closed, yawning, etc).

Sensitive Issues

Should a student or school personnel pass away at any time during the current coverage period, the staff will treat the death in a professional manner. The yearbook will acknowledge the death by running a colored bar over the name and will print the years of birth and death. In the event that a school portrait is unavailable, family members will be contacted for an appropriate photograph that will appear in the index with the same treatment as a school portrait.

Yearbook Personalization

The personalized line needs to be the name of the student, first and last, to prevent confusion in the distribution of yearbooks. Nicknames, initials, slang, symbols and profanity are not acceptable for either the first or second line of personalization. The yearbook staff has the right to edit any personalization if needed.

Book Sales

All yearbook sales are final. Any student who doesn’t wish to keep his/her book may obtain a refund provided that the book is returned in the same condition that it was distributed. ​If your student picture does not appear in the book or if your name is misspelled in the yearbook, please accept our sincere apologies, and understand there will be no discounts or refunds in this event. The yearbook staff cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen books and will not refund any money or issue a new book if this occurs. If a student pays to have his/her name stamped on the book, that fee will be refunded only if the name is misspelled or if the name has not been stamped on the book.

The Final Word

The staff encourages constructive criticism and suggestions before, during and after publication, but reserves the right as the final authority for the published content.