Senior & Baby Photos

Senior & Baby Photos

Each year we include a baby photo alongside each senior’s photo in the yearbook. There is NO CHARGE for this feature, so please be sure to send in your senior’s photos by the deadline listed below.

DEADLINE: September 30th

  • All senior and baby photos are due no later than September 30th.
  • We can NOT accept these photos after the above deadline.
  • We want to include every senior, so please keep this deadline in mind!


  • All photos will be cropped to a SQUARE shape
  • Each senior must submit a candid photo (see below for examples).
  • These candid photos should be taken OUTSIDE.
  • Student attire should comply with school dress code.
  • Black and white or sepia photographs will NOT be accepted.
  • Photos will ONLY be accepted in digital, jpg format (optimal size is 8in x 8in or larger).
  • Name photo as: last name.first name (for example: roberts.jane.jpg)
  • Please email your senior’s photo to
  • Requirements to keep in mind:
    • No other person or animal may be in the picture with the senior
    • Attire should neat, clean and non-disruptive
    • The senior’s face should be fully visible – NO HATS, sunglasses, etc. (religious attire is allowed)
    • Clothing must cover the chest and upper torso
    • No obscenity or lewdness
    • No weapons of any kind
    • Nothing that promotes, advertises, or implies the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
    • Nothing that is inflammatory in regard to race, religion, or heritage
    • Nothing that identifies, promotes, or relates to gangs or gang affiliation
    • Nothing that promotes or degrades a political party, candidate, or elected official
  • Again, the deadline for these photos is September 30th.

Seniors and/or their parents may choose to have portraits taken as they desire; however the above specifications must be followed for the picture to be included in the yearbook. The yearbook staff, adviser, and school administration hold final authority to allow/deny submitted senior photographs. So, please review this list and listen to your photographer’s suggestions to meet these requirements.


  • We will ONLY accept these in digital, jpg format.
  • Please scan your senior’s baby photo and email it to no later than September 30th.
  • Name photo as: last name.first (for example:
  • Should you need us to scan your senior’s baby photo, please send it to Mr. DeLozier at the high school with your senior’s name on the back.


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